Park guidance and best practice

Please respect the park, wildlife and its visitors by following the guidelines below:


The use of barbecues in Grosvenor Park is not permitted as they can damage the grass and remain hot for a considerable time after use. If left unattended, they can be a hazard to other park users and to the wildlife. Please respect the park and visitors by not setting up a barbecue.


Some people, especially small children, can find dogs intimidating. These simple tips will keep the park enjoyable for you, your dog and other visitors:


  • keep your dog in sight and under control at all times
  • put your dog on a lead if necessary
  • remember other park users may be afraid of your dog
  • make sure your dog doesn’t disturb or harass wildlife
  • keep your dogs out of children’s play areas so they don’t frighten children, foul in play areas or damage park equipment

Please do not:

  • let your dog run and jump on other people or dogs without an invitation
  • let your dog enter water such as rivers or lakes in the park, especially when it’s icy or during the spring/summer waterfowl breeding season – this will avoid disturbing wildlife and exposing your dog to risk
  • allow your dog to damage play equipment
  • allow your dog to damage trees – they can get infected or die when bark or branches are scratched or pulled off


There are no restrictions on cycling in the park but we ask cyclists to consider the safety of park visitors when cycling on the pathways. If the park is busy and cycling is likely not to be safe, it is sensible to dismount and wheel your bicycle along the pathway network. Bicycles are not permitted on the grass areas.

Feeding the squirrels, pigeons and ducks

It is traditional for people to stroll through Grosvenor Park and feed the squirrels and ducks. However, this practice is not good for the wild animals for the following reasons:

  • This trains the animals to be aggressive beggars which can lead to unpleasant encounters as they bite during feeding
  • Removes the animals’ natural fear of humans
  • Creates an unnatural increase in population, throwing the local ecosystem out of kilter
  • Kills the animals slowly through poisoning them with foods that are either bad for them (they can’t digest it) or lacking in the nutrients they need.

We would ask park visitors to help us spread the word that feeding wildlife can damage their health and cause problems for their happy existence in the park.

Opening times

Summer season: 1 May
7am until 8pm

Winter season: 1 November
8am until 6pm

Times are changeable due to events in the park.


From Wrexham via A483 - 15 miles
From Crewe via A51 - 23 miles
From Liverpool via M53 - 27 miles
From Manchester via M56 - 40 miles

Park and Ride

Boughton Heath (CH3 5QD) - drop off at Frodsham Street
Sealand Road (CH1 4LQ) - drop off at Chester Bus Exchange
Upton (CH2 1EU) - drop off at Frodsham Street
Wrexham Road (CH4 9DE) - drop off at Foregate Street

For more details visit Cheshire West and Chester Park and Ride

Bus and train

Regular services available, visit:


National Cycle Network Route 568 (access to Grosvenor Park off Dee Lane) - cycle racks are available at the park.